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 [Solved] Virus: anti virus ,virus

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PostSubject: [Solved] Virus: anti virus ,virus   Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:00 am

Hello guys, couple months ago I had a pretty strange virus, on one or other way I had download a Anti Virus

I could NOT:

Access internet on browsers.
Open taskmanager.
Open Configuration Panel.


Start up your computer and press as fast you can CTRL + ALT + DEL (Opening Task Manager)
Wait till antivirus starts up and click right on the task, press open process, and delete the process.
(Now we can go work without it keeps popping up.)

Download MalwareBytes, Here

Open it.

Update (normally the program will ask it)

Click full scan, select all your drives.

And scan it. (Duration depends on the files that are installed on your computer)

After the scan, show results

Delete Faults

Reboot your PC and normally the Computer will be released of the virus.

If this doesnt work post it in 'Problems' .

Regards Focke.
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[Solved] Virus: anti virus ,virus
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