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 Linkcheckers hiring!

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PostSubject: Linkcheckers hiring!   Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:53 pm

Ok guys a have a new job for 2 peoples.
The 'linkcheckers'.
A linkchecker checks the links that have been posted. If they are dead or contain crap.

By every link you need to post if the links works or if there are faults in it.
If you checked a link and it works you do this:

Download this movie!
Link www.example.com/example or Link example
Link is checked by Focke and works or Link is checked by Focke and doesn't works and is removed

-You need to understand how to edit posts. (I can always explain it if it is neccesary)
-I need to trust you. (So don't annoy peoples and say their link isn't working while it is working)

How to sign up for this?
You will need to answer couple questions,
if you are interested PM me, or email me on the tab 'contact us' on the main web page.

If you have more questions:
Ask it here.

Regards Focke.
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Linkcheckers hiring!
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