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 short words

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PostSubject: short words   Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:57 pm

This is what i'm gonna do.
All kinds of words but i'll shortn them.
If u know some more words just add them.


Lol: laugh out loud
Rofl: rolling on floor laughing
Wb: welcome back
Bk: back
Plz: please
P'ze: peace
Idk: i don't know
Idc: i don't care
Ofc: ofcourse
Lf: looking for
Bs: blacksmith
Lm: lumbermill
Gm: gold mine
Wc: wood cutting
Wts: want to sell
Lfg: looking for group
Ty: thank you
Np: no problem
Thnx: thanks
Cu: see you
Brb: be right back
Adidas: all day i dream about sex
Afk: away from keybord
Asl: age sex location
B4: before
Cam: webcam


Ng: nog
Tg: tog
K: ok
Antw: antwoord
Gwn: gewoon
Nrml: normaal
Aant: aan het
Bbq: barbecue
aub: alstublieft
Ff: even
Ww: waneer en waar
Ld: lekker ding
W8: wacht
Nx: niks
112: help me

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PostSubject: Re: short words   Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:17 pm

Kinda handy for those who don't know these.

Grtz Kevin


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short words
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